All MEPP develops and builds machines, equipment, tooling and test equipment for production plants, OEMs, laboratories and research centres. The projects range from simple tools and special machines to advanced production lines which will be delivered on location. Our customers regularly develop new products for which new and often faster machines need to be developed.

Modern production technology requires the application of advanced mechatronics, the combination of mechanics, robotic / servo technology and control technology / software.

The strength of All MEPP lies in recognising that customers are knowledgeable about the business processes in their own company. We make maximum use of this knowledge and involve our customers in the design process. Thorough consultation during design reviews is essential.Allmepp1

We provide added value to the projects and subprojects of OEMs, system integrators, and the manufacturing industry in the field of industrial automation.

  • Advice and concept development
  • Product engineering
  • Automation of production processes
  • Tooling

Project start: from concept, idea or specification.
Moment of delivery: a working system on location


Areas of expertise




All MEPP B.V. is now part of Frencken Europe as Special Projects department at Frencken Engineering B.V.
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