Air shower 1

Air shower

Semiconductors – air shower

Machine-specific mechanical assembly for temperature stabilization

Since even a slight temperature variation of a semiconductor wafer can influence accuracy of the lithography process, an air shower is required for stabilizing the temperature during the end qualification of a wafer stepper. Frencken provides flexible production of these machine-specific modules with a fast turnaround.

Partners in design

Due to very small deviations in dimensions and tolerances, each wafer stepper requires an air shower that is optimized for its specific characteristics. The air shower directs very clean air around the wafer to regulate and stabilize its temperature. Manufacturing this module requires expertise in sheet metal fabrication, precision machining, laser cutting, welding, surface treatment and assembly in clean environments. Machinefabriek Gebrs. Frencken  is a leader in this field, and has the skilled people and state-of-the-art equipment to meet the customers demands for quality, delivery and price.

Frencken is responsible for:

  • Mechanical fabrication
  • Assembly and test

Why Frencken?

  • Expertise in precision machining and fabrication
  • Reliability as a supplier
  • Excellent facilities, people and equipment