Patient table 1

Patient table

Patient table

Customer-specific patient tables built to order

Our customer, a leader in cardiovascular and diagnostic systems, and an integral part of these systems is the patient table that accurately positions the patient in the scanner. Frencken builds customer-specific patient tables to order with a very fast turnaround – just three days from receipt of order to the delivery of a plug-and-play product, with all the optinos and accessoires the customer has selected.

Flexible design

To provide a customer-friendly approach to the market, our customer commits to supplying customer-specific patient tables with a very short lead time. This means that every table is assembled to order, presenting challenges for a partner in outsourced production. To meet these challenges, Frencken contributed to the original design and has since further developed the modular construction of the patient table so that it can be quickly and cost-effectively configured according to an end-user’s requirements. This includes, for example, the number of variable axes (x, y, and z), tilt adjustment, angle adjustment and so on. No two tables per batch are the same, so the modular construction is critical in order to achieve such a high-level of flexibility in a complex assembly.

Flexible manufacturing process

The final order is placed at the start of the week for typically 8 to 12 pieces (all with different specifications) and Frencken Mechatronics assembles the tables from modules including drives, wiring and frame. Three days later, fully tested tables are delivered to the customer for final integration into the system. The demand for the tables has seasonal peaks and troughs, and deviations from forecast quantities are commonplace, meaning that the assembly process must be as flexible as the modular design.

Supply chain and lifecycle management

The cardiovascular systems are key products for our customer, but the patient table is not a core competence. The customer chose Frencken as a supplier, not only because of the proven engineering and manufacturing expertise, but also because of Frencken’s experience in managing the supply chain. With a complex custom product like this that is built to order on a very short lead time, it is essential to stock the key items and have a network of suppliers who are able to respond quickly to orders.

Frencken is responsible for:

  • Mechanical design (design for manufacture)
  • Engineering (design for testability)
  • Configuration (modularity)
  • Assembly and test
  • Supply chain management (custom product on-demand)
  • Lifecycle management (incremental improvement, service and repair)

Why Frencken?

  • Expertise in engineering and complex assembly
  • Logistics flexibility