Ion optics 1

Ion optics

Ion optics

Performance-critical modules for ion optics and electron optics

Frencken is a leader in the field of electro-mechanical assemblies and modules for electron optics and ion optics in applications like scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) and mass spectroscopy.

Understanding the applications

It takes experience and understanding of particle optics applications to be able to engineer and produce these assemblies. Factors such as choice of materials, surface treatment, machining (such as avoiding and removing burrs) and cleaning all play critical roles in the design. If, for example, an incorrect cleaning process is applied, it will be virtually impossible to subsequently achieve the vacuum levels and cleanliness required. The modules also operate in controlled gas environment, or at very high temperatures, so an understanding of the influences of these factors is also essential.

Extensive knowledge base

Frencken has built up an extensive knowledge base and can advise customers on the design as well as produce the assemblies and modules using extensive in-house facilities and skilled people with experience in this specialized field. Cleanroom and vacuum environments are available.

Frencken is responsible for:

  • Mechanical design
  • Assembly and test
  • Supply chain management (custom product on-demand)
  • Lifecycle management (incremental improvement, service and repair)

Why Frencken?

  • Vertical integration (make critical parts in-house)
  • Materials and applications know-how (e.g. gases, vacuum, heat management)
  • Electron- and ion optics know-how
  • Cleanroom and vacuum chamber production facilities