E-beam lithography equipment 1

E-beam lithography equipment

E-beam lithography equipment

Mechanical design and assembly of a high-end direct-write mask maker

Vistec Lithography develops, manufactures and sells electron-beam lithography equipment based on Gaussian Beam technology and provides cutting edge technology solutions for a wide range of existing and emerging semiconductor and nanotechnology applications. Its electron-beam lithography systems are world-wide accepted in advanced research laboratories and universities as well as in specialized, low-volume production environments.

The Vistec EBPG5200 exposes structures with features sizes less than 8 nanometers on substrates starting from a few millimetres in size up to full 200mm substrates like photomasks and / or wafers.

A major mechanical sub-system of the Vistec EBPG5200 is assembled by Frencken’s skilled people using state-of-the-art cleanroom and vacuum production environments. Frencken also carried out the mechanical design and the prototyping of this part and also engineered the substrate ‘load-lock’ of the system.

Modular design

The Vistec EBPG5200 provides full 200 mm substrate writing performance for direct write nano-lithography applications in R&D and university type environments as well as in specialised low-volume production. Its modular system architecture allows the system configuration to be adapted to specific customer requirements, meaning a flexible approach to manufacture and assembly of the system is essential.Vistec entrusted.

Frencken to produce sub-systems of the EBPG5200 means the plinth, the substrate chamber and the load-lock, engineer it for production and produce them in series.

Minimizing vibration

Working closely with Vistec, Frencken carried out the final mechanical engineering of these sub-systems and assembles them to order. The engineering work included the substrate chamber as well as the frame crane, both areas where Frencken’s broad experience in managing vibration was essential. Another feature where Frencken provided engineering support to Vistec is the ‘load lock’ of the system. The load-lock serves as a buffer holding substrates awaiting electron-beam writing.

Flexibility in production

Frencken is able to deliver customer-specific versions of the above-mentioned EBPG5200 sub-systems. This is simplified thanks to the flexibility in production and the modularity of the design.

Frencken is responsible for:

  • Prototype
  • Mechanical design (design-for-manufacture)
  • Engineering of sub-systems (load lock)
  • Configuration (modularity)
  • Assembly and test
  • Supply chain management (custom product on-demand)
  • Lifecycle management (incremental improvement, service and repair)

Why Frencken?

  • Capability to deliver the complete tested machine
  • Short communication lines, flat organization
  • Expertise in precision positioning
  • Cleanroom and vacuum chamber production facilities