Component manufacturing 1

Component manufacturing

High-mix, low-volume precision machined and fabricated parts

Frencken co-designs and makes combinations of precision machined parts and fabricated sheet metal. We excel in production efficiency, engineering support and design for manufacturing.

Traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art equipment

If you need high-mix, low volume products that require traditional skills and craftsmanship in combination with the latest machining techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, Frencken is an ideal partner. We have the engineering facilities and experienced personnel to design and produce very accurate, complex components. These products are characterized by consistent quality, excellent repeatability and competitive pricing.

A history of adding value

HR_Frencken_1230The company started manufacturing and supplying high-end, precision machined parts for mechanical assemblies in 1947, when the Frencken brothers founded the company. At the request of customers, this service evolved to also include straightforward mechanical assemblies as well as complex fabricated sheet metal products. Many of these early customers still work with Frencken, and the tradition of adding value to our products and services continues today.

Tolerances in the sub-micron range

HR_Frencken_2091Frencken is able to offer you an efficient and effective series production process for parts with tolerances down to 0,5 micron accuracy, both dimensional and within shape and position tolerances. Mastering the submicron territory is routine practice for Frencken.  What makes Frencken stand out is our commitment to quality, production efficiency, engineering support and ‘design for manufacturing’ experience. A team of skilled workers ensures a continuous flow of products that meet specifications, quality demands and delivery times every time.


  • A state of the art and comprehensive machine park of machining stations with up to 5-axis and automated loading
  • Turning and milling components ranging from 1 mm up to sizes of 1 meter.
  • Many robotized tools that run 24/7 with minimum supervision to reduce cost.
  • Sub micron turning and milling
  • A state-of-the-art sheet metal shop, with automated laser cutting, folding, bending and welding.
  • A network of thermal treatment specialists, platers, paint shops and other surface finishing partners
  • Specialist in managing other non-standard processes like EDM and/or grinding for every job.
  • Precision mechanical assembly in controlled environments (clean room / vacuum) if required.
  • Experience in high vacuum parts
  • Experience in ultra clean parts (“zero” particles)
  • Series up to several thousand per annum.
  • Controlled environment measuring department.
  • Support in design for manufacturing.

Quality assurance

  • ISO 9001, 14001, AS 9100 and NATO HA-205 certified
  • Experienced in handling SPC and traceability.