High level assembly 1

High level assembly

Fully qualified assemblies for the most quality-conscious applications

Frencken is a leader in the assembly and test of highly complex and challenging modules for capital equipment goods as well as complete systems.

Core strength

HR_Frencken_1418Frencken has the skills, experience and facilities to deliver fully qualified assemblies and modules for the most demanding high-level applications. We serve major OEMs in the medical, analytical, semiconductor, energy and ‘green’ markets with high level assemblies in which high precision and extreme reliability are characteristic. These products are put together by our skilled staff working with the best tools in controlled environments. The motivated teams are committed to delivering your products on time with plug-and-play functionality. Assemblies are subject to stringent quality control at every stage of production, and are fully tested and operational when delivered.

Support from the Engineering group

HR_Frencken_1374In addition to the high-end assembly, we also develop products together with our Engineering Group. For example, Frencken has an excellent track record in designing and building high-end positioning systems for medical systems, vacuum equipment and many other applications in the markets we serve. The Engineering Group will drive your project from back-of-a-napkin sketches or market specifications to the final manufacturing process of your product – always within the agreed quality, cost and delivery conditions. Rigid tracking of progress and cost ensures timely and cost-effective product innovation. Our outstanding problem-solving abilities safeguard a seamless production process and QA tracking.

Best-in-class companies

Frencken works for many best-in-class companies and technology leaders in their respective fields. We are ready to show you how we have met a wide range of technical challenges as well as overcome production and capacity issues for our customers. We look forward to showing you how Frencken can also support you.


To deliver a complete ‘one-stop’ service, we also offer turnkey project management and configuration control, including supply chain management, assembly (including clean room assembly), system integration and testing.

Quality assurance

We are ISO 9001, 14001 and 13485 certified, and know how to handle specific demands in the markets we serve, including S2, traceability, SPC, 6-sigma, FDA and CSA.

Our facility

The total floorspace of approximately 8,800 sqm features several class 10,000 and1000 clean rooms (over 1,000 sqm) with local class 100 spots, ESD-safe environments and state-of-the-art cleaning lines.