Motion Control 1

Motion Control

Servo-drives, controllers, motors, sensors and encoders

As an ODM (Original Design manufacturer) Frencken offers custom motion control components for today’s intelligent, high precision electro-mechanical systems and sub-systems.

The US Motion brand

Frencken’s US Motion division provides custom controllers, motors, sensors and encoders to component, sub-system and system specifications. US Motion’s custom control solutions give mechatronic systems optimized form factor through flexible design, intelligent control, increased precision, and higher accuracy. Developed and manufactured at Frencken America in the USA, US Motion is vertically integrated:

  • Control engineering – servo systems and signal processing of multiple types of sensor input
  • Engineering, machine shop and production at single site for quick-turn prototyping of controllers and brushless motors
  • Production machining, fabrication and motion control
  • System integration, assembly and test
  • Quality managed ESD, cleanroom and vacuum manufacturing processes

Embedded servo control

The rugged, flexible architecture of our embedded servo control for mechatronic assemblies is ideal for customer-specific single- or coordinated multi-axis control of velocity, position and/or torque. The custom solutions coordinate digital and analog communication protocols, integrate all standard encoder interfaces and incorporate cutting-edge sensing techniques.

  • Support all communication protocols, including EtherCAT, CANopen, RS-232, Wi-Fi and SPI
  • PI, PID, PIV and custom control loop variants
  • Realtime command updates, logging and status reporting
  • Customer-defined graphic user interface of system inputs and outputs

Brushless motors

US Motion high-efficiency, rugged, precision brushless motors are equipped with customer-specific integrated electronics. US Motion provides quick-turn frameless and housed (solid or hollow shaft) brushless motor design and manufacture. We specialize in small footprint, high-quality, low- to mid-volume prototype and series production of brushless motors at competitive prices.

Intelligent sensors

The integration and programming of intelligent sensors leads to accurate system response. US Motion develops custom precision measurement systems that incorporate and process inputs from multiple sensors, including temperature, humidity, non-contact, distance, and inclinometers. Our engineers are highly experienced with wireless and wired analog, RF and digital signal processing, optics and FPGA / CPLD design.


From firmware to code disks, US Motion designs and integrates custom encoders for optimized control of servo systems. They are optimized to give the desired system responsiveness, precision and accuracy.