About Frencken Group 1

About Frencken Group

A strategic one-stop outsourcing solution

Frencken Group Limited is a global high-tech capital and consumer equipment service provider committed to providing complete and integrated ‘one-stop’ outsourcing solutions in partnership with customers.

A global network

As a global service provider, the Frencken Group  serves companies in Europe, Asia and the USA through a global network of operating subsidiaries. There are strategically located facilities in the Netherlands, the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, and China.

Vision and mission

Vision: As OEMs focus on core activities and innovate in their respective fields, they will increasingly rely on outsourcing for business-, technology- and logistics solutions that help bring their products to market with a stronger competitive advantage.

Mission: We strive to add more value to our customers’ product development, manufacturing operations and business processes by building strategic partnerships based on shared expertise, trust, confidence and co-makership.

Ambition: To be the partner-of-choice for high-value mechanical parts and electro-mechanical assemblies and systems for OEMs in the healthcare, semiconductor, analytical and industrial automation sectors, and other fields where the know-how, experience and skills of our people simplify operational processes.

Strategy: To apply our accumulated expertise to increase our services to existing customers, and to identify forward-thinking companies operating in the markets and disciplines we are strong in, and show them how we can add value to their products and processes.