Business Profile 1

Business Profile

Added value services

Frencken offers a comprehensive range of value added services for producing high-value electro-mechanical products, modules and assemblies. These span the entire value chain from design, development and prototyping to engineering, testing and series manufacturing. The focus is on specific industry sectors for which Frencken has an extensive knowledge base, including healthcare, semiconductor and analytical equipment. Other sectors, where the company’s specific expertise is applicable (for example, very high precision positioning) are also served.

Strategic partnerships

The objective of Frencken is to support customers so that they are able to focus their human and financial resources on core business activities. This is an increasingly effective business approach, and Frencken is a pioneer in the branch, evolving from simply supplying machined and fabricated mechanical parts to becoming a strategic partner that undertakes co-development and series production of complex assemblies. Forward-thinking business and logistics solutions – like shared investment, shared risk and ultra-fast turnaround of customized products on demand – are part of the offering. The emphasis is on flexibility in the partnership.

Supplier to leaders in their fields

Frencken has a proven track record of adding value to customers’ product design and development processes. This has made the company a preferred supplier for many international leaders in their respective fields. Today, the customer list includes ASML, FEI Company, GE Healthcare, Kodak, MDS, PANalytical, Philips, Seagate, Siemens and Uhlmann as well as a number of Tier 1 automotive supplirs. Some of these companies have been customers for many decades, underlining the robustness of the relationships.