ETLA Singapore 1

ETLA Singapore

Enhancement, prototyping, component manufacturing, assembly and integration

ETLA Singapore manufactures complex modules and systems for industrial automation, semiconductor and analytical applications in controlled environments facilities.

Fully integrated solutions

Based in Singapore, ETLA Limited provides its OEM customers with fabricated solutions for complex machined parts and sheet metal components as well as the assembly and integration of modules, systems and equipment. The main industries served are the medical, semiconductor, analytical and industrial automation sectors. Our qualified and experienced staff has extensive technical and application knowledge to provide our customers with fully integrated solutions. The core competencies include value engineering, prototyping, program management, supply chain management, precision machining, sheet-metal fabrication, surface finishing, modular and equipment system assembly, integration, test and commissioning.

The entire value chain

We work closely with customers to undertake project management of the entire value chain, including design enhancement, prototyping, and components manufacturing, assembly and integration, in-house testing, and series manufacturing of complex modules and full equipment and systems.