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Frencken America

Product realization solutions

Vertically integrated for design optimization and high level assembly, Frencken America enables industry leading OEMs to disrupt markets and leapfrog the competition.

Delivering optimized product realization solutions from concept to manufacture, Frencken America creates competitive advantage in partnership with our customers. Our US based operation is vertically integrated at a single location. We serve market leading OEMs in development and delivery of precision mechatronic high level assemblies and systems.

Driven by collaboration and customer responsiveness, our business systems, processes, resources and people are geared to be a seamless extension of your operations.

Vertical Integration

Engineering, procurement, machine shop and manufacturing work across departments in a single US based operation under one quality management system.

  • Multidisciplinary engineering – control, electronics, software and mechanical for product development and design optimization
  • Quick-turn prototyping and streamlined production – collaboration and customer partnership coupled with in-house engineering, electronics board layout, machining, assembly and test
  • Concurrent engineering – yields a speed of transition from design to manufacturing, expediting time-to-market
  • Specialty, quality manufacturing capabilities – clean room, vacuum chambers, electronics integration, programming and test

 Collaboration, Partnership and Service Excellence

At Frencken America we provide custom engineered solutions and high quality manufacturing to customers with a level of design collaboration that is unmatched by competitors. We are an engineering led company focused on design excellence.

  • Culture and people – engineers, technicians and all staff are enabled to work as extension of our customers’ teams, taking ownership through the product life cycle to the end user.
    • Product design excellence
    • Quality management
    • Total Cost
    • Delivery and Fulfillment
  • Resources and processes are designed with agility and transparency for ease of adaptation to those of our customers. An example is the customer portal, providing a window into Frencken America.
    • Engineering workflow
    • Quality management
    • Bills of materials
  • Custom solutions – utilizing our mechatronics toolbox, design know-how, plant resources and integrating intelligent technologies, we deliver optimized product realization solutions.
    • Concept
    • Design
    • Commercialization
    • Quality, cost and on time production