Design Optimization 1

Design Optimization

Optimization from concept through the entire lifecycle

Design optimization via teamed multidisciplinary engineering for today’s intelligent mechatronic systems yields better products delivered to market faster at a lower cost.

Frencken America is your resource for excellence in design through a partnered process of invention and innovation. At the core of Frencken America’s mechatronic product optimization is teamed engineering, solving design challenges through concept, design and manufacturability across the disciplines: electronics, software and mechanical.  We are an extension of your resources in making a product vision into the optimal commercial product.

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Commercialization
  • Quality, cost and on time production

Our projects are led by engineers who work concurrently with new product introduction, in-house machine shop, procurement, integration and quality control. The project manager is your single point of accountability for all elements of design optimization into production.

Design Specialization

Lead systems engineers are assigned to projects specific to the design challenges and deliverables. Frencken America offers specialty design of mechatronics components and subsystems.

  • Control engineering – electronics, software, sensors, signal processing and command structuring for systems and motion control
  • Software engineering – Assembly, C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, object-oriented programming and the .NET framework
  • Signal processing – multilayer, multiprotocol – acquisition, quality improvement, network prioritization, conversion, data graphing and image rendering
  • Mechanical engineering – Submicron positioning, gaseous material (submicron) delivery systems, submicron sample management systems, motors, vacuum tools and electron beam delivery systems


In the process of invention and innovation we enable vision fulfillment for capital equipment goods. Whether you are looking to disrupt a market with a new technology or a significant advancement of a conventional one, Frencken America is your partner through exploration and definition. The result of collaboration with our senior engineers (design specialties and manufacturing expertise), will be a product plan that ensures optimal form, fit and function through the entire cycle from design, prototype, manufacture and service.


From the conceptual framework to commercialization, Frencken America’s multidisciplinary design engineering team will make your vision into an optimal product. From evolutionary, next generation upgrades, to revolutionary, new products, partnership with Frencken ensures that your design achieves excellence in all success criteria.

  • Form and function
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Reliability and strength
  • Ease of use

Vertically integrated from design to fabrication and assembly, Frencken America ensures an accelerate time to market. We reach across departments to solve technical and business design challenges. Throughout the design process, conversations to milestones, your engineering team is readily accessible; your project, design and production documentation is accessible through our customer portal. From responsiveness to transparency, Frencken America’s service is unparalleled.

Commercialization, Delivery and Lifecycle

Through our product commercialization process, our new product introduction team works in tandem with design engineering, sourcing and manufacturing. Together these teams’ efforts ensure your design meets function, durability, cost and delivery targets.

To speed time to market, we develop our production scale work instructions and supply chain during the prototype phase. We then perform extensive testing – electrical, control, electronics and mechanical validation. In addition to extensive performance validation, error checking, strength and environmental testing, we write production test procedures. The prototype phase of Frencken America’s commercialization process leads the industry in product validation and time-to-market.