High Level Assembly 1

High Level Assembly

Flexibility and Optimization

Value added partner in design for manufacturability, supply chain optimization, quality assurance and flexible manufacturing for mechatronic high level assemblies

For optimal system design and cost control with the shortest lead time, Frencken America is your vertically integrated manufacturing partner. Established as a quality US manufacturer of motion control systems in 1999, we joined Frencken Mechatronics, a division of the global Frencken Group in 2012.

Today, Frencken America offers end-to-end fulfillment services for contract equipment manufacturing of complex high level assemblies.  We provide tailored solutions, working in partnership with high tech OEMs in the analytical, medical, semiconductor and aerospace industries. Vertically integrated from engineering to logistics management, Frencken America is agile and responsive in today’s rapidly evolving global economy.

  • Expert project management – custom solutions for full product lifecycle to build to print
  • Multidisciplinary engineering – electrical, electronics, software and mechanical
  • Firmware – design, sourcing, configuration, integration and test
  • Motion control – engineering, fabrication (motors), sourcing and integration (sensors, customer electronics, encoders and control and monitoring graphical user interfaces), assembly and test – for a custom solution visit Frencken America’s US Motion Division’s website
  • Machine shop – high tolerance, complex, short run, quick turn
  • Sourcing – global supply chain and logistics optimization, including forecast, inventory, fulfillment and end-of-life


With a shared destiny of our success, we enable our team members to work as an extension of our customers’ resources. Realizing that our only sustainable competitive advantage is our people, we hire and retain the best. They take ownership of customer challenges and innovate to provide optimal solutions for technical and business requirements.

 Quality Management and Standards Compliance

Frencken America is ISO 9001:2008 certified and know how to handle specific demands of the markets we serve:

  • ISO 9001, 14001 and 13485
  • Electromagnetic compatibility, efficiency and safety – EN, CE, IEC, IEEE and UL
  • ITAR


Based in Liberty Lake, Washington, USA, Frencken America is vertically integrated, operating under one quality management system at a single site. Our business culture, resources and processes are purposefully agile to ensure adaptability and transparency to customers and the dynamic global business landscape. We offer specialty product realization solutions, investing in your success.

  • Customer portal with access to project workflow, production documentation and inventory
  • Vacuum and clean room manufacturing processes and assembly
  • Environmental testing of high temperature, cryogenic and pressure
  • Extended time mechatronic operational particulate testing
  • Load testing of motion control systems
  • ESD sensitive electronics manufacturing, integration and test