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Frencken Europe

The link to all production sites

Frencken Europe B.V. is the group’s European support and holding company for all its Netherlands based operating subsidiaries.

The strategic and administrative heart

Frencken Europe is the holding company for all mechatronic and machining activities in Europe and the US.  In addition to statutory corporate, accounting and finance roles, it sets the strategy for the business units, and hosts general management, accounting, human resources, QESH, and corporate sales. Frencken Europe’s sales department is the link to all production sites, and will navigate you towards the best cost option for your products.

Other activities include managing the group’s business development and marketing and sales. It is also the link to all global production sites, managing local-for-local production for customers who wish to have assembly manufacture close to their own global production sites.

Creating competitive advantage

Industry leaders are moving away from producing everything in-house, and focusing their development and production resources on the core technologies that differentiate them from their competition. This makes it necessary to partner with specialists to develop and produce many of the modules and assemblies needed to make a complete product. Frencken is committed to helping businesses strengthen their competitive advantage by offering a range of added-value services that enable them to:

  • Focus resources on core activities
  • Innovate to stay ahead of the field
  • Simplify the complexity of their business processes