Machinefabriek Gebrs. Frencken 1

Machinefabriek Gebrs. Frencken

Contract manufacturing of products that require skill and craftsmanship

Machinefabriek Gebrs. Frencken produces high-end precision mechanical machined parts and complex sheet metal products to the most demanding customer specifications and tolerances.

Over 65 years’ leadership

Machinefabriek Gebrs. Frencken is an absolute leader in co-designing and fabricating formed sheet metal and precision machined parts. Based in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and founded in 1947, Machinefabriek Gebrs. Frencken (the name means ‘Frencken Brothers Machine Factory’) supplies customers with complex metal components and assemblies. We are widely recognized for our expertise in producing miniature parts facing extreme requirements with respect to shape, dimensions and tolerances. In this area, Machinefabriek Gebrs. Frencken has no match in the industry.

The best people, technology and equipment

With a broad range of manufacturing techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and skilled craftsmen, we are able to deliver the most challenging parts in high mix, low volume series for high-tech sectors like semiconductor, analytical, healthcare and the aerospace industry, for which we are AS/EN 9100 certified. The company plays a leading role in the international contract manufacturing community, and has the ability to quickly respond to changing market conditions. This enables customers to accelerate their innovation, while we support the rapid manufacturing of their new products. We will be happy to show you our facility and selected examples of our capabilities.