Optiwa 1


Highly efficient production of precison parts and assemblies with tolerances in the sub-micron range

For over 50 years, Optiwa has been a highly respected contract production partner for OEMs for accurate mechanical parts and precision mechanical assemblies.

Tolerances in the sub-micron range

Optiwa is an expert in design for manufacturing, and can support you with highly efficient production of products with tolerances in the sub-micron range. The critical success factors are quality and efficiency, made possible by a dedicated team of skilled workers who ensure products meet performance specifications, quality expectations and agreed delivery dates every time.

Complementary skills and capabilities

The company is based in Reuver (the Netherlands). The accent is on ultra-precision machined parts and assemblies, where the company has built up a strong reputation for continuous manufacturing innovation and ‘design-for-process’ which results in highly efficient, automated production. Our skilled staff will ensure the uninterrupted flow of products that will meet your specifications and quality requirements. Optiwa is renowned for producing extremely accurate, complex products at competitive prices and we have received many awards for ‘Best Supplier’ from our customers.

Make Optiwa your first choice for very accurate and highly complicated products where repeatability and cost effectiveness are major considerations. We will be happy to demonstrate our capabilities in high end repeat jobs.