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In a market where fast and accurate positioning is a key business enabler, you look for suppliers who understand your products.Partners who can handle vacuum requirements, master sub-micron machining in house and demonstrate the fine craftmanship required.

We want to be this partner for you. We have the competences, capabilities and experience to develop and manufacture the equipment you need. We can show a long and distinctive track record in designing and producing specimen stages, vacuum load locks, micro-handlers and optical parts for a large range of advanced analytical instruments. Our key technologies include Ultra High Vacuum (down to 10-9 milliBar) and positioning within the nanometer range. We operate in class 10:000 clean rooms with localized class 1.000 cleanroom, utilizing state-of-the-art tools and machinery. Our expertise helps you to  innovate faster and reduce your time-to-market. We are proud to have long standing relationships with our customers, providing them with a leading edge in their markets.

(ion optics, electon optics, light optics)


Mechanical design and assembly of an ultra-high resolution SEM stage

A leading manufacturer of Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) for material science, life science, electronics and industrial applications. One of the key components of a SEM is the electro-mechanical module that accurately positions the sample below the electron- or ion optics, and is called a stage. Frencken manufactures an Ultra-high resolution (UHR) SEM stage, and has also developed a 110 mm SDB stage for the same company.

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Performance-critical modules for ion optics and electron optics

Frencken has been supplying analytical equipment manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific with modules for various instruments. Due to growing market demand, one of this customer’s products (the iCAP Q mass spectroscope) required a fast ramp-up to higher volume production, Frencken has successfully managed this process.

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