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In an industry that is constantly challenged to yet further improve its already state-of-the-art technology and shorten the time-to-market, you need a partner that offers a high degree of flexibility and the ability to speed up your innovation.

Frencken is able to assist you in beating Moore’s Law. We offer design and development, prototype building and testing and flawless manufacturing throughout the products’ life cycle and cost roadmap. Our key technology areas include air bearings, linear motors, accurate position control and both Ultra Clean and Ultra High Vacuum. We build complex and precise mechatronic assemblies for lithography machines, mask inspection equipment and pick and place equipment. As a preferred supplier and often a single source, we can show a long track record with our customers in the semiconductor capital goods.


Machine-specific mechanical assembly for temperature stabilization

Since even a slight temperature variation of a semiconductor wafer can influence accuracy of the electron-beam lithography process, an air shower is required for stabilizing the temperature during the end qualification of a wafer stepper. Frencken provides flexible production of these machine-specific modules with a fast turnaround.

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Single-source partner for a key module in every wafer stepper

Every wafer stepper, from a well know semiconductor technology giant from the Netherlands, features a reticle masking unit (REMA) assembled by Frencken. This module is strategically critical, and is entrusted to Frencken as a single-source supplier, who not only assembles it, but also manages the supply chain and provides lifecycle support.

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Mechanical design and assembly of a high-end direct-write mask maker

Vistec supplies high-end electron beam lithography systems, including equipment for low-volume production of semiconductor wafers. The EBPG5200 directly writes integrated circuits with features sizes less than 8 nanometers across, and is assembled by Frencken’s skilled people using state-of-the-art cleanroom and vacuum production environments. Frencken also carried out the prototyping and mechanical design, and engineered the ‘load-lock’ vacuum wafer handling chamber.

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