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People Talking

Employees’ word

Frencken people make the difference: people with a passion for technology. Every employee has his or her story. Are you curious about what they have to say?


CNC miller

Dick van der Lee, CNC-miller, Machinefabriek Gebrs Frencken (MFE), since 2006

I write CAD/CAM programs, take care of machine-settings for specific products and consequently, production on a daily basis.

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Supervisor Quality Assurance

Tom Moeskops, quality engineer, Frencken Mechatronics, since 2011

My daily job and biggest challenge within Frencken is to find solutions and guide people in the field of quality assurance, which also implies that I trigger my co-workers in case of (possible) shortcomings.

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System engineer

Theo Esser, system engineer, Frencken Engineering, since 2010

When developing mechatronics systems, I am responsible for the electronic parts and validation testing.

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Global sales account manager

Anton van Kemenade, global sales account manager, Frencken Europe, since 2007

My daily activities consist mostly of staying in touch with customers. I know exactly what is going on. I make sure everything is running smoothly, between all business units of Frencken Europe.

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Work planner turning

Nico van Deur, work planner turning Optiwa, since 1971

Frencken invests in its employees: education/training, facilities, personnel association.

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Project buyer

Johan Dirks, project buyer, since 2007 

Together with the cost engineers I try to find ways to save costs on assemblies. On a daily basis I am in touch with many people (internal and external) in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Quality control inspector

Leon van der Heijden, quality control inspector, since 2003 

My biggest challenge is to make even better products. I have learned that it is important to speak out.

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Senior design engineer

Mark van den Akker, senior design engineer, since 2007

There is a nice culture. Easy-going co-workers who are in for a joke, too. Short lines of communication with the management which enhances collaboration.

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Team leader clean room

Lizette Kok, team leader clean room, since 2001

I mainly tell my people what to do and when to start. I am responsible for administration and I also work in production.

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Industrial parts cleaner

Karin Reinders –Van den Heurik, industrial parts cleaner Optiwa, since 2011

My job is to clean and pack the products that either go straight to the customer or are prepared for finishing.

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Work planner

Tim Janssen, work planner Optiwa, since 2012

My job is mainly to plan work for turning and assembly.

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CNC miller

Twan Zeetsen, miller Optiwa, since 2003

I operate an automated robot cell with three Heller machines that I must program as efficiently as possible, together with the Planning dept.

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Assembly engineer

Tom Killaars, assembler Optiwa, since 2001

What I have learned so far? That it is often easier to solve a problem by taking a careful and closer look.”

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HR Manager

Peter Bloemers, HR Manager, employee since 2009 

My job provides a lot of variation. One day I’m involved in policy, the next, I’ll talk to the production manager about temporary labour and then work on our new website.

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